40w Later

Filled with precious moments, The first story of the child and me

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Ten months ago, pregnancy probability changing with menstrual cycle and age

Explore Pregnancy Probability and Today's Body Condition, based on Hormonal Changes Depending on Menstrual Cycle and Age of the Couple!

Ten months ago, essential calendar for pregnancy preparation

Check your fertile window and ovulation D-day, prepare for pregnancy systematically.

Ten months ago, accurately checking the ovulation day

Check irregular ovulation days through ovulation test kits and basal body temperature.

Ten months ago, procedure guide supervised by fertility specialist.

Complex-seeming infertility procedures, providing explanations for each step and medication information.

After 10 months, changes in the child's and mother's condition week by week.

Discover fetal and maternal conditions that change by week, with average values and tailored content!

After 10 months, OCR feature for analyzing ultrasound images.

Upload the ultrasound images received during appointments, automatically populating the calendar with measurements.

After 10 months, instantly check if the child is growing well in the womb.

Using 5 fetal growth measurements like weight and head circumference, confirm their healthy growth!

After 10 months, personalized weight management based on BMI.

Record your weight at the same time every week. Compare your weight with other pregnant women in the same week and receive guidance!

After 10 months, managing our child's growth and development all at once.

From growth management to developmental checks! Record your child's health in one place at 'Ten Months Later."

After 10 months, is our child's development on the faster side or the slower side?

Check developmental missions and generate development reports.

After 10 months, our child's growth report spans from the fetus.

Analyze our child's growth status alongside measurements from similar-aged peers.

After 10 months, the golden time for postpartum weight management is one year!

Take care of your mother's health with a 1-year weight recovery plan tailored to your personal BMI.

Mom's talk Any story is welcome!

From pregnancy preparation to childbirth and parenting, share various stories together!